Preventive Maintenance Procedures

  • Run a test page to inspect print quality, listen for noises, and check for any other issues prior to servicing the equipment.
  • Remove toner cartridge and open all covers to inspect the interior of the equipment.
  • Vacuum entire cavity to remove toner, paper dust and any other contaminants.
  • Remove and inspect fusing assembly if applicable.
  • Clean all pick up, feed rollers, and exit rollers with specialized cleaning solvent.
  • Inspect entire paper path for proper paper sensor lever movement. Wipe down paper path.
  • Clean and inspect ozone filters if applicable. Replace if necessary.
  • Clean exterior of equipment with environmentally green cleaner
  • Test equipment for proper operation.
  • Advise the customer if any parts are worn or problems have been detected during the maintenance and make recommendations for repair.

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