Green Solutions

“Saving the Earth is everyone’s business. Choose to be part of the solution!”

environmentally-friendlyAt Laser Source, we believe in doing our part to preserve our planet for the many generations to come. Although this is a complex problem, if each one of us makes our choices based upon environmental impact, we can all be part of the solution. Saving the Earth is everyone’s business. Choose to be part of the solution!
Laser Source offers the following products and services that will help your business decisions be part of the solution:

Choose to Use Compatible Toner Cartridges

Each time you choose to use a compatible toner cartridge, you are choosing to keep an empty toner cartridge out of a landfill. Many of the components used in a compatible toner cartridge come from reusing parts of an empty cartridge. When we deliver your compatible toner cartridge, we will pick up your empty cartridge for recycling. Over the course of our 23 years in business, Laser Source has sold thousands of compatible toner cartridges, keeping tens of thousands of pounds of plastics out of the landfills.
An average toner cartridge is made of 40% plastic requiring up to 1 gallon of oil to manufacture. When you choose to use compatible toner cartridges you are helping to reduce our country’s oil consumption.

Choose to REPAIR Rather Than to REPLACE Your Printer

environaAlthough it may be tempting to go buy a new printer when your printer breaks, when you choose to have your printer repaired, you are keeping it out of a landfill. Laser Source has repaired over 40,000 printers over the past two decades. Can you imagine how much space those printers would take up in a landfill if our customers had simply thrown them away and purchased new ones rather than having them repaired?
When you choose to repair rather than to replace your printer, you are choosing to reduce electronic waste. If electronic waste gets into our landfills, it can leach toxins into the soil and then into our waterways and oceans creating a negative environmental impact. It’s your choice. Make the choice you can be proud of by choosing to repair your printer, rather than to replace it.

Choose to UPGRADE with a Refurbished Printer

Laser Source offers refurbished printers for those who need an additional printer or who want to upgrade their current printer. Our refurbished printers come with a worry free 90 day warranty. Please call us for price and availability.
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